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Flexible LED display module

Flexible LED display module Features

Innovative LED Technology to Elevate Retail Displays and Enhance Customer Engagement

flexible led display module features

Shapes can be customized

The minimum bending diameter can reach 135° for easy bending into any shape

SMD 3 in 1 LED

Adopt highly reliable SMD1010, SMD1212, SMD1515, SMD2020 to ensure the flexible LED screen module has a high refresh rate of 1920Hz or 3840Hz.

flexible led display module features
flexible led display module features

High module adjustability

Magnet height can be adjusted to improve the flatness of the entire screen

Flexible LED display module Specifications

Size can be customized

Application Indoor Outdoor
Pixel Pitch P0.9 / P1.25 / P1.29 / P1.538 / P1.568 / P1.86 / P2.5 / P2 / P3.076 / P4 P1.25 / P1.29 / P1.538/P1.568/P1.86/P2.5
Module Size 240x120 mm / 256x128 mm / 320x160 mm 240x120 mm / 256x128 mm / 320x160 mm
Brightness 600-700 CD 4500-5200 CD
Refresh Rate 1920-3840 HZ 1920-3840 HZ

Enhance Your Retail Display with Our flexible led display module Solutions.

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Flexible LED display module Cases

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frequently asked questions

Here are some common questions and answers about Flexible LED display module

A soft module is a module with flexible characteristics.

It can be bent and folded to adapt to the installation requirements of different shapes and has better flexibility.

Commonly used for advertising display, stage background, special-shaped display screens, etc.

Including flexible circuit boards, luminous materials, etc.

Make sure that the installation is firm to avoid pulling and damage.

Flexible LED display modules can be easily replaced or removed from the front. Special-shaped LED display screens can be formed at will to make the display screen more fashionable and beautiful.

Affected by the use environment and maintenance conditions, it generally has a longer service life.

Choose according to application scenarios, display requirements and other factors.

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