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LED Poster Display

LED Poster Display Features

Innovative LED Technology to Elevate Retail Displays and Enhance Customer Engagement

Seamless splicing

Seamless splicing

Support seamless splicing, cascade display

High brightness, high definition

Ensure that the advertising content is clearly visible and can attract attention even in bright environments.

High brightness, high definition​
Remote control,cluster management

Remote control,cluster management

Support multiple control methods, WIFI USB HDMI connection

LED Poster Display Specifications

Size can be customized

Pixel PitchP1.25 / P1.538 / P1.86 / P2 / P2.5
Display Size640×1600 / 640×1760 / 640×1920 mm
Module Size320×160 mm
MaterialIron cabinet
Refresh Rate3840 HZ
Brightness600-800 CD

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LED Poster Dispaly Cases

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Customer Testimonials

Genuine Feedback Showcasing How Our LED Poster Display Products Transform Retail Experiences

frequently asked questions

Here are some common questions and answers about LED Poster Display

LED Poster Dispaly have high brightness, high contrast, and bright colors, which can clearly display advertising content and attract the audience’s attention.

In general, the service life of LED Poster Dispaly is relatively long, up to hundreds of thousands of hours.

It can support content in multiple formats, such as videos, pictures, etc.

The installation is relatively simple and the maintenance is relatively convenient. Usually, only regular cleaning and checking of the equipment status are required.

Compared with traditional advertising display equipment, the energy consumption of LED Poster Dispaly is relatively low, and it has a good energy-saving effect.

 It is suitable for various public places such as shopping malls, stations, airports, squares, as well as indoor places such as enterprises and shops.

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