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Outdoor LED Screen



An advanced heat dissipation mechanism helps to prevent overheating. The cabinets are also IP65 rated both front and back, which means they are dustproof and safe from powerful water jets, while the cabinet and components inside are waterproof for added reliability in virtually any weather conditions.

Exceptional Picture Quality

Outdoor LED displays deliver clear, brilliant images and prevent distortion and interruptions, no matter where they are installed. Eye-catching high brightness combined with a fast refresh rate means visuals are clearly visible in virtually any weather or lighting conditions.

Outdoor LED Screen Specifications

Cabinet size can be customized

Pixel Pitch: P2.5 / P2.976 / P3.076 / P4 / P5 / P8 / P10
Cabinet Size:960x960 mm (Standard size)
Module Size:320x160 mm
Refresh Rate:1920~3840 HZ
Brightness:5000~6000 CD

Enhance Your Retail Display with Our Outdoor LED Screen Solutions.

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Outdoor LED Screen Cases

UHLED dedicated to professional intelligent solutions and digital media solutions for commercial supper-markets and chain stores

frequently asked questions

Comprehensive Answers to Common Questions About Our Innovative Outdoor LED Screen Solutions and Their Applications in Retail

Choosing the right Outdoor LED Screen is mainly dependent on the viewing distance of your audience and whether your install will be permanent or temporary. We offer a range of pixel pitches to suit more up close and long-distance applications.

Our outdoor LED screens use SMD technology, which is surface mount diodes. These screens display images by changing the color and brightness of individual closely spaced LEDs on the screen.In SMD technology, red, green and blue diodes are packaged together, allowing for higher resolution than other LED screens. SMD LED displays also have low energy consumption and generally have a longer lifespan than other types of SMD displays, and our LED lamp beads can last up to 100,000 hours under normal use.

Take the rear maintenance method,doors on the rear of the enclosure allow access from the back view of cabinet, suitable for installation on pole or structure.

  • High brightness, bright color,strong visual impact;
  • Waterproof and shockproof;
  • The position is fixed and can be a regional symbol Various forms of expression.

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