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Retail Market Shelf Solution
Retail Market Shelf Solution


UHLED dedicated supermarket, brand retail smart LED solution uses high-resolution LED shelves as the content presentation carrier, integrating virtual reality, virtual implantation, GOB packaging, online packaging, converged media access, streaming media news push, and data visualization. . It has achieved a higher level of improvement in terms of atmosphere creation, information diversification, strengthening consumer/brand/product communication, and consumer vision, which greatly enhances the interactivity and selectivity of information, bringing audience With a strong visual impact, it brings a revolutionary change to the presentation of supermarkets and brand retail stores.


Integration Of Technology & Technology
UHLED ultra-high-definition supermarket shelf screen adopts unique GOB packaging technology to ensure that the shelf screen LED display is moisture-proof, dust-proof and anti-collision!
Combination Of Virtual And Reality
Combined with the Nova system, brand advertisements are displayed in automatic dynamic playback mode, and dynamic adjustments such as rotation, movement, zoom, and deformation can be performed to enrich the realism and vividness of brand advertisements.
Visualization Of Data & Logo
With the visualization of various subtitles, graphics, logo, diagrams, trend charts and other data, the shelf led display can interpret more vividly, allowing the customer to understand more intuitively and deeply.
Interconnection Of Multiple Windows
Multiple video wall screens being playing different contents simultaneously, the brand advertiisng can interact with customers in real time, effectively enhancing the liveness and interactivity of the brand advertising.


Header Led Display

GOB Technology & seamless stitching 

Shelf Led Display

Ultra HD Slim & GOB  


Nestle , South America

Pepsi , South Korea


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