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Retail Poster Solution


UHLED Poster LED Display is a new generation of intelligent information equipment. It is controlled by terminal software, network information transmission and multimedia terminal display to form a complete advertising broadcast control system. One of the “media” devices that can be used through images, text, videos, widgets (weather, etc.) and other multimedia materials used for advertising. Poster LED Display is widely used in various fields: shopping malls, banks, campuses, hotels, bus stations, railway stations, hospitals, exhibition halls and other places with high traffic.


Turn passive into active

With the increasing functionality of the Poster LED Display software,This makes Poster LED Display more and more popular in various industries. Based on this, as a new type of intelligent advertising media communication equipment, Poster LED Display has become a rookie that is different from other commercial displays. The first one is that Poster LED Display converts passive advertisements into active ones, attracting customers to actively browse advertisements through interactive method

Provide a new type of shopping experience

UHLED Poster LED Display’s own multimedia information release system and query system can uniformly recommend shopping mall advertisements, latest activities and latest products to consumers. In the current era of commercial competition, only a fashionable and comfortable shopping environment can Bring customers an intimate experience, improve competitiveness, and let customers know the latest information of the mall at the first time.

Centralized & unified management of advertising playback

For large shopping malls and chain stores, if the public UHLED Poster LED Display is used, the multimedia information release system can be used, and through the central control point, the unified management of the entire shopping mall and even the national chain outlets, unified release of promotional activities, and central monitoring can be realized. , to improve the management and publicity of shopping malls.

Embellish the shopping environment

UHLED Poster LED Display has a simple and atmospheric imitation of Apple’s mobile phone shape, which can fully embellish the shopping environment, especially when multiple machines are played simultaneously, it can render a majestic momentum, so as to improve the taste and grade of the store.


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