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UHLED outdoor LED display, as the new darling of outdoor display advertising media in the future, is widely used in finance, taxation, industry and commerce, post and telecommunications, sports, advertising, factories and mines, transportation, education systems, stations, docks, airports, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels , banks, securities markets, construction markets, auction houses, industrial enterprise management and other public places. With media display, information release, traffic guidance, creative display and other purposes.


Energy saving & environmental protection

Since its appearance, hu has always been valued for energy saving and environmental protection, and LED is synonymous with energy saving. Compared with traditional lighting products, the energy-saving advantages of LED are quite obvious and prominent. In the near future, there is a tendency to fully replace traditional lighting.

Energy conservation

Outdoor LED display, because the brightness of the surrounding environment changes greatly during the day and night, we can achieve the effect of energy saving and emission reduction by automatically adjusting the brightness of the outdoor LED display.

Easy to maintain

The cost of installing a large outdoor LED display is not low, ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions. Therefore, easy maintenance is extremely important for large LED screens, which is essential to ensure the long-term stable operation of the display. Under normal circumstances, the outdoor LED large display screen can be maintained after maintenance, and some display screens can be maintained at the front, and of course, both front and rear maintenance can be achieved.

Wide coverage & large audience

Outdoor LED large screens are generally installed in relatively high places, the screen is relatively large, and the viewing angle is also large. Under normal circumstances, the video is still clearly visible when the video is viewed from a 140-degree angle in the horizontal direction, which makes the large LED screen. Display content to reach a wider range and reach a wider audience. This major feature is also one of the reasons why many businesses are willing to choose large outdoor LED displays to play advertising content.


BM Outdoor

Back Maintain -Outdoor LED Display Screen

HFM Outdoor

Hinge Front Maintian-Outdoor LED Display Screen

LFM Outdoor

Lock Front Maintian -Outdoor LED Display Screen

SFM Outdoor

Screw Front Maintain -Outdoor LED Display Screen


double sided led display screen

outdoor led display wall

outdoor single sided led display

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