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irregularity LED display

Irregular LED displays include discs, cubes, ring screens, and corner screens, etc. They are characterized by high brightness, light weight, easy installation and maintenance, and unique appearance,which greatly increases the highlight of the scene and becomes a The first magic for businesses to attract traffic, this irregular display is usually installed in shopping malls, outdoors, bars and supermarkets.


Strong R&D and innovation capabilities

LED packaging technology covers many fields such as semiconductors, materials science, optics, electricity, heat, chemistry,mechanics, mechanics, etc. It has high comprehensive technical requirements for R&D personnel, and R&D personnel need to grow in continuous R&D practice in order to accumulate Rich R&D experience.

Product + Solution + Service Integration Advantage

Support integrated operation management, realize multi-user simultaneous management,partition management, plan management, signal window management, etc.;

Global marketing service network

As one of the overseas pioneers in the LED display industry, a sound and efficient service system has always been one of Absen’s core competitiveness. As an important part of the company’s service system, ACE has created a precedent for Chinese brands to establish LED display technology service certification systems and standards around the world, and has achieved fruitful results.

Customer-centric service concept

Customer-centered, service-based” is our consistent service tenet. While building a market and sales network, we actively promote the construction of a customer service network. Strictly implement the national three-guarantee regulations, and provide users with better than the national three-guarantee Provided service commitments, and continuously improve service quality;ensure that customers are provided with professional pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services, so that customers can worry about the whole process.


TS Cube screen led display

Cube LED Display

Round LED Display

Single & Double Sided


Exhibition Cube LED Display Case

Shopping Mall Cube LED Display Case

Double Sided Round LED Display Case

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