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Retail Window Solution


UHLED transparent LED display is a special intelligent advertising solution for various supermarkets, exhibitions, etc. The transparent LED display has the characteristics of high transparency, high brightness, and simple operation. The UHLED transparent LED display perfectly integrates software and hardware, helping to achieve simple, convenient, efficient and intelligent advertising, and can be widely used in various exhibitions. Supermarkets, retail and other large and medium-sized auto shows, supermarkets, press conferences.


High transparency
Due to the difference in point spacing, the light transmittance of the transparent LED display can reach about 50-90%. The perspective effect allows the glass to retain the function of lighting perspective, and the LED lights are almost invisible from a distance, so that the lighting of the glass curtain wall is not affected.
Small footprint & light weight
The thickness of the main board of the screen is only 10 mm. After installing the transparent LED screen, it takes up almost no space and does not interfere with other facilities or structures near the glass curtain wall. The LED transparent screen is extremely light in weight, and the load requirement of the rear glass curtain wall installed on it changes very little.
Simple steel frame structure & saving a lot of cost
This product is light in weight, easy to install, and does not require complex supporting steel structures, which can save a lot of installation costs.
Saving building lighting costs
If the LED glass curtain wall display (transparent screen) is installed, a large part of the lighting on the exterior wall can be saved, and the LED screen is more attractive, which can save costs and have advertising benefits.


Transparent LED Display 1000x500mm

High Brightness & Ultra Thin Cabinet Size 1000x1000mm

Transparent LED Display 500x500mm

High Brightness & Ultra Thin Cabinet Size 500x500mm


Indoor High Brightness Transparent LED Display

Indoor High Brightness Transparent LED Display

Supermarket Transparent LED Display

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