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Screw Front maintenance 
The screen area is large, the viewing angle is wide, and the lifespan is long. LED large screen has long service life, up to 100,000 hours or more and has good preventive performance. During maintenance, use an electric screwdriver to unscrew the screws on the module to take out the module. Compared with the rear maintenance LED screen, the front maintenance LED screen can save space, achieving greater use of environmental space and reducing the difficulty of later maintenance work.



Lock Front maintenance
Feature advantage: High brightness and clear display First of all, from the most intuitive visual point of view, compared with traditional LCD screens, LED screens have higher brightness, and have excellent display effects even under strong outdoor light, with clear and beautiful pictures, During maintenance, insert a screwdriver into the lock hole of the module and take out the module.



Clamshell Front maintenance
There are more forms of display and more room for creativity. The combination of sound and picture makes the information more appealing and visually impactful. During maintenance, unscrew the cabinet lock on the edge of the cabinet to open the cabinet and perform maintenance work. This front maintenance method can make the overall structure of the display screen thinner and lighter, enable the display to integrate with the surrounding architectural environment and highlight the ability of visual expression.



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